Amazon Extends Tentacles Further With $13.4 Billion Purchase of Whole Food

“This is extreme consolidation of the food system in action, which will lead to higher prices, fewer choices for consumers, and bigger profits for billionaires like its owner, Jeff Bezos,” says Wenonah Hauter of Food & Water Watch.

Why eating local—now more than ever—is a political act.

But I maintain that the greatest activism is, and always has been, a simple life in alignment, not fueled by the sort of sleeplessness, anger, and judgment that burns activists out regularly, but fueled by an attention, a love, that connects neighbors to each other and to the land. To respond to the current political moment is necessary, but it is also not necessarily grand. It is sustained, careful, and clear. If we rage, it is what Terry Tempest Williams terms “sacred rage”—a deeper, more focused burn. These long-burning coals don’t go out in the night.

The Sustenance of Democracy

Make American dairy farms great again! Adopt supply management

Some Wisconsin dairy farmers may have been pleased when Trump began bloviating on the topic because anything is better than nothing when you’re in desperate straits. And have no doubt, a lot of American dairy farmers are in desperate straits.

But the interests Trump is defending are those of the multinational “agri-food” corporations that hold Wisconsin dairy farmers in a grip that approaches feudal vassalage, and which would love to be able to do the same thing to their counterparts down on the Canadian farm.