About Us

Our Vision

To establish Canada as a world leader in organic food and agricultural production. To ensure sustainable, local, organic food production with no inputs of hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse waste, GMOs, pesticides, and other  substances of questionable safety.

Our Mission

To promote organic food production throughout Canada by inspiring, coordinating, and providing advice and educational
resources to local growers, farmers, schools, municipalities, environmental groups and other organizations.

Our Objectives

  • To protect the rights of Canadians to a safe and nutritious food supply by developing a model of organic food production and education for schools, communities, municipalities, local growers and farmers.
  • To mobilize Canadians to become leaders in organic food production.
  • To promote the benefits of consuming locally grown  organic food.
  • To encourage educational initiatives in elementary and secondary schools on organic food production.
  • To encourage youth to participate in co-op programs in organic food and agricultural industries.
  • To promote organic gardens in schoolyards, vacant city lots, etc.
  • To encourage healthier farming practices without resorting to pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic substances.
  • To consult on matters pertaining to food and public health safety.