Take Action

What can you do?

  • Vote with your wallet to ensure that suppliers of toxic food fail. You have real power as a consumer and you must consistently exercise it.
  • Refuse to purchase any food produced with inputs of hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse waste, GMOs, and pesticides. Farmers will grow and sell what the public demands!
  • Buy as much organically grown local food as you can. Buy directly from local growers you trust.
  • Grow as much of your own food as you can, indoors and out. Join your community garden. Support a local farm by investing in Community Shared Agriculture (CSA).
  • Work with others to create organic gardens in unused spaces in your neighbourhood municipalities. Share what you cannot use.
  • Talk to your mayor and councillors about the health and economic benefits of declaring your municipality as an ‘organic zone.’
  • Talk to schools and school boards about developing an organic growing program involving students and local growers. This initiative should engage primary and secondary schools in partnership with growers and farmers committed to organic food production.
  • Start a Food Sovereignty Project in your community.

What Is Your Community Food Sovereignty Project?

Canadian Council on Food Sovereignty & Health encourages you to start one or more Food Sovereignty Projects in your community.